Sustainable quality

Revista de Vinhos – July 2018

A sustainable and classic project of high-quality wines that Revista de Vinhos makes known, alongside the launch of the new wines.

Powerful Discórdia

Other Alentejo

Público/Fugas – June 2018

“A vigorous wine, that excited this new producer looking for another expression of the Alentejo in schist terrain on the banks of the Guadiana”, says the tasting note from Público/Fugas, remembering that, despite the vigor, “it’s the acidity fresh and smooth that stands out”. This is, in fact, another Alentejo”, he concludes.


Discórdia- the right choice

Correio da Manhã – June 2018

The new Discórdia winrs, white and red editions, published in the Correio da Manhã magazine, are a “quite serious” proposal and “fortunately nothing concerned with following fashions or exploring overly technological paths”.


Among the pioneers

Imperdíveis- January 2018

The program Imperdíveis, from Porto Canal, went down to Mértola to see Herdade Vale d´Évora and Discórdia wines. A gastronomic meeting, with indigenous hunting products in excellent pairing with Discórdia wines. To see from the minute 17.47.


Grande Discórdia

LookMag – December 2017

The launch of Grande Discórdia is news on LookMag, “a vibrant, unique and indomitable wine that has everything to be a reference in the Alentejo”.


Seduction by freshness

Revista de Vinhos- September 2017

The white Discórdia 2014 “seduces by their freshness” mention the tasting note published in Revista de Vinhos. This white from Herdade Vale d’Évora, presents itself with “tropical allusions, lime, elderberry, plum and a light touch of apple”, says Revista de Vinhos, adding that it’s a wine “tense and dry in the mouth,” with“acidity and a slight bitterness ”that“ gives it a strong taste ”. “Citrus and floral flavors are combined with mineral impressions of saline register”.

Different wines

Público / Fugas – July 2017

José Augusto Moreira, a journalist of Público / Fugas, visited Herdade Vale d’Évora, tasted the Discórdia wines, and described the experience: “The freshness notes and balance characterize the profile of the Discórdia wines, whose terroir reminds more of the Douro region than the Alentejo”. “The thermal amplitudes are lacking, but the orography, the schist terrains, and the presence of the river refer to the Douro”. The difference about the traditional Alentejo is “the most outstanding brand” of Mértola wines, which concludes the journalist.


Special Alentejo

Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine – June 2017

“From Mértola, this should be the lowest town in Portugal, I would describe the land in 5 words: unexpected, improbable, inhospitable, inimitable and unmissable”. Report of Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine, with Miguel Alho, the face of the Discórdia team.

Gold medal

International Wine Challenge – May 2017

Discórdia white 2014 won a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge 2017, one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe.