Team in Action

The first step came in 2009 when the family of Paulo Alho (from the sea and fish of Sesimbra) decided to buy The Vale d’ Évora Estate, in lower Alentejo. What first fascinated them was the great wild plains and the sanctuary for the hunting of indigenous species, which the rugged lands of Mértola still offer.

The almost immediate second step of planting the vineyard followed as a provocation of the rugged nature of the locale or, perhaps, an homage to the life of the epicurean, of whom wine is a great ally. The joy of gathering and sharing among friends is a familial way of being that those in Alentejo still appreciate.

Step three came at the beginning of 2017 when the brother of Paulo Alho gave his share to a family friend, Vítor Pereira and his wife, Fátima Martins. Originally from Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vitor invested in the south and brought new energy to the project, without losing sight of the initial inspiration: a passion for wine, hunting, and the good things in life.

Miguel Alho

Miguel is the president of the municipal business administration and is the executive currently in charge of management. With a bachelor’s degree in geological engineering, he has been fully dedicated to the Discórdia project since its inception.

Vítor Pereira

Vítor Pereira is a civil engineer, manager, and also a hunter with a passion for large spaces and nature. The most recent addition to the team working on the administrative part of the project, he also brings a touch of the cheerful disposition characteristic of the Minhota region.

Paulo Teodoro

Paulo Teodoro Alho is one of the shareholders of the project, in addition to Miguel Alho and Vítor Pereira. He is a civil engineer and works in the area of civil construction.

Paulo Alho

A business manager with a long history of work in the area of civil construction and hunting, Paulo Alho is a great promoter of the plantation of the vineyard of the Vale d’ Évora Estate, and is involved in the project of his two sons Paulo Teodoro e Miguel Alho.

Fátima Martins

Fátima Martins is the commercial director, north of Lisbon. She is a former director of a textile factory, and holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

Irene Gomes

Irene is the administrative and finance director of the Vale d’ Évora Estate. She is also a wine lover, and has her eyes set on developing the wine tourism and rural lodging project which her team wants to develop in the future.

Rui Martins

Rui Martins is a man of the earth. He is the hunting manager, helps with work in the vineyard, and takes care of the animals of the estate, including a herd of sheep and eight donkeys.

Francisco Mata

Francisco Mata, master viticulture technician at ATEVA – Technical Association of Viticulturists of Alentejo – , coordinated the work of grapevine plantation and is the viticulture technician of the wines of Discórdia.

Filipe Sevinate Pinto

Filipe Sevinate Pinto has a degree in agro-industrial engineering, with a specialization in winemaking. He has been working in wine projects since 2000, participating in national and international harvests in an initial stage of internship and then taking over the winemaking of many projects in several regions of the country.