Huge quality

Diário da Madeira – March 2020

“The property is called Vale d’Évora and the wines, Discórdia. The name may be a singularity typical of Alentejo, but I guarantee that I fully agree with the enormous quality of these three wines ”. Words from the wine critic José Manuel Moroso, in Diário da Madeira, about the new harvests of Discórdia Reserva red 2017, Discórdia Reserva white 2018 and Syrah da Discórdia 2017.

Discórdia on Imperdíveis

Porto Canal – January 2020

Porto Canal presents another story on Imperdíveis, with Discórdia at the table in the Vinha Nova restaurant, Famalicão. The project, the team, and the wines from our Herdade Vale d’Évora, Mértola highlighted. 

Intensity and acidity

Público – January 2020

The aromatic intensity and freshness in the white, the touch of dryness in the red, and also the balance and structure typical of Discórdia wines that foresee a good evolution in bottle. These are the highlights of the tastings carried out by the specialist from Público / Fugas of Discórdia new harvests, to which adds Syrah da Discórdia, “a sure shot at the debut of varietals”.

Terroir expression

Sábado – January 2020

“What is in the bottles of Discórdia wines, especially red wines, is not around fruit flavor, (…) on the contrary, the wines are structured and with very present tannins that give them roughness” that time softens, reports the news reporter.


Concord Wines

Vinho Grandes Escolhas – January 2020

Herdade Vale d’Évora presents new wines, including Syrah da Discórdia (17 points), the first varietal in the Discórdia portfolio. Equally notable is Discórdia Reserva red 2017 (17.5 points): “Tasting with surprising freshness, lots of flavors, medium acidity, beautiful general complexity, ending with sophistication”.

Aroma and character

Revista de Vinhos – December 2019

Expresso newspaper- December 2020

The tasting note of the new Discórdia Reserva red 2017, published in Revista de Vinhos, is a good synthesis of the profile of Discórdia wines: “(…) The ripe fruit and the warmth of the shale are there. It’s a wine of great density, texture, with very particular robustness. A little of what is common to all Discórdia wines: they are aromatic and have character”.

Also featured in Expresso newspaper, Discórdia Reserva red 2017 presents “good mouth structure”, revealing “a lot of gastronomic vocation”.