Wines with personality

One World – February 2019

It is a different face of the wine’s world from Alentejo. The lands of Mértola recover the tradition of cultivating the vineyard and show that this piece, by the side of the Guadiana River, has what it takes to make wines with personality. Discórdia wines are among the pioneers. The report in One World magazine.

Robust and harmonious

Expresso newspaper – January 2019

With origin in Mértola, Discórdia Reserva red 2015 is “robust and full, but with good harmony, asking for well-seasoned dishes” – says the renowned wine expert, João Paulo Martins.

Discórdia’s effect

DN Madeira – October 2018

Nothing feels better than tasting the new harvests at their place of origin. Along with the visit to Herdade Vale d´Évora, the journalist learned about the news of the season: Discórdia white 2017, “fruity and aromatic”, Discórdia red 2015, with “good acidity, elegance and balance” and Grande Discórdia, with “strong tannins”.

Sustainable quality

Revista de Vinhos – July 2018

A sustainable and classic project of high-quality wines that Revista de Vinhos makes known, alongside the launch of the new wines.

Powerful Discórdia

Other Alentejo

Público/Fugas – June 2018

“A vigorous wine which excited this new producer, looking for another expression of Alentejo in schist terrain on the banks of the Guadiana river”, says the tasting note from Público/Fugas, remembering that, despite the vigor, “it’s the acidity fresh and smooth that stand out”. He concludes “this is, in fact, another Alentejo”.

Discórdia- the right choice

Correio da Manhã – June 2018

The new Discórdia wines, white and red editions, published in Correio da Manhã’s magazine, are a “quite serious” proposal and “fortunately, nothing concerned with following fashions or exploring overly technological paths”.